My fondest Hallowe’en memory has nothing to do with trick or treating. One Hallowe’en afternoon, upon returning home from running errands with our dad, my sister and I were greeted by my mom dressed up as a witch! She let us into our house and asked us to join her for a special Hallowe’en feast. The table was filled with spooky treats. There were cheese fingers with red pepper nails, grape eyeballs with raisin irises, chocolate mud with gummy worms and much more! The food was creepy and fun, but the decorations were even better! Cobwebs hung from every light fixture and there was even a pumpkin that yelled “Happy Hallowe’en” every time you walked by. We spent the rest of the afternoon listening to scary music, eating gruesome snacks, playing games and enjoying each other’s company. We were (and still are) a busy family, so it was special to take a moment and just spend time with each other. Sometimes it is the unexpected, out of the ordinary ways we celebrate that stick with us.

In honour of my Hallowe’en memory we have created a spooktacular Hallowe’en table that your entire family can enjoy. This week we will provide a tutorial for the Hallowe’en fan decorations and next week we will show you how to make Hallowe’en cards!



  • 9 sheets of 8.5 inch x 11 inch green computer paper
  • 1 orange striped cardstock circle, 6 inches in diametre
  • 2 cardstock circles, 2 inches in diametre
  • 0.25 inch wide purple ribbon
  • craft glue
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • paper cutter with a scoring blade or a bone folder, ruler, and pencil
  • scissors
  • Hallowe’en stickers and/or embellishments

Step 1:

Using a paper cutter with a scoring blade, score each sheet of green computer along the short edge at 1 inch intervals. If you are using a bone folder, use your pencil to mark 1 inch intervals and use your ruler as a guide to score the paper.

Step 2:

Accordion fold each sheet of green computer paper along the scored lines. Using craft glue, glue the end of each folded piece of paper to the next so that you have one continuous piece of green folded paper. Once all the pieces are glued together, glue the two remaining ends together to create a loop.

Step 3:

Apply a generous amount of glue from the glue gun onto one of the 2 inch cardstock circles. Place the folded green paper onto the 2 inch circle so that the pleats meet together as shown. Hold in place until glue dries. Flip your fan over.

Step 4:

Cut the purple ribbon to the desired length for hanging your fan. Use the glue gun to attach the two ends of the purple ribbon to the centre of the back of your fan. Glue the second 2 inch circle to the centre of your fan, covering the ends of the purple ribbon. Use the glue gun to tack the ribbon to the top of the fan. Flip your fan over.

Step 5:

Glue the orange striped circle to the centre front of your fan using the glue gun. Decorate with Hallowe’en stickers and embellishments.

Make this fan in different colours and sizes to create a fun backdrop for your table!