Inspiring Other Crafters

Sep 30, 2020

PaperWrights is not just about selling crafts, but about inspiring other crafters. Each week we invite you to visit our blog for new techniques, product information, craft tutorials, and design ideas.

Cycling has always been a source of excitement for me and my sister. Though I’m an accident waiting to happen on a bicycle, I love the strategy and endurance that goes into riding the grand tours. My sister, who is much more coordinated than I, enjoys the freedom of cycling around Toronto. So, when July begins, my sister jumps on her bike to get around the city, and I’m glued to my television for three weeks watching the Tour de France.

What, you may ask, does this have to do with crafting? Everything. Crafting is the perfect medium for integrating all of your hobbies and interests. Inspiration is in everyday things. If an object is attractive to your eye, it is likely because it is comprised of shapes and colours that are aesthetically pleasing to everyone. For us at PaperWrights, a bicycle is a beautiful thing. There is an elegance to its design. It has clean lines and angles that attract the eye and draw it from handle bars to back wheel spokes. The bicycle was our inspiration for a scrapbook page that pays tribute to our favourite hobby.